Is your quote firm?

Yes, all our quotes are firm, fixed prices unless it is clearly written in the quote that there is a time and materials component to the work.

Who buys the paint?

In general, when we formulate a quote, the quote will include all paint and sundry materials. But, if you prefer to supply the paint, no problem, just let us know when we’re formulating the quote and we’ll exclude it from the final price. And if not discussed, we only use Benjamin Moore paint, the very best brand in the industry.

How do I pick colours?

A visit to Leslie Street Paint and Design Centre is a good starting point to pick up colour chips and bring them to your home. Perhaps you are working with a Designer and they will help you select colours. Want to work with a Designer and don’t know one? We’ll recommend one. We can also help with a visit by one of our Project Managers. He will bring fan decks and help you select paint colours.

How do I know when Finer Edge is starting our job?

We always contact our customers at least the day before your job starts. If you’re ever wondering and you haven’t heard from us, just call us @ 416.480.0414 or email us at and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Who moves furniture?

We’ll do all the heavy lifting! We just ask that small items on table tops, counters, mantles, etc. are removed and replaced by the Owner. That includes artwork on your walls. We would also like you to manage your media electronics. Pianos are the other thing we don’t move due to their fragility.

What do I do with my pets?

Our customers generally manage with their pets in their home while we’re painting. Just let our Project Manager know of any direction you would like us to follow with regard to your beloved pet.

Is it safe to leave my house and leave the painting crew there?

Absolutely! All our tradesman are honest, reliable, men… most of our painters have been with us for over 15 years, many for over 20 years

Will the paint smell? Can we sleep in the house while the painting is going on?

Paints have come a long way. Low or zero VOC paints are the norm now. The lingering smell that paints used to leave is a thing of the past. If you’re very sensitive to paint odour, ask us about Natura paint by Benjamin Moore, a zero emission paint, the only one approved for people with asthma.

When the painters are all done each day, will my house be left clean? At the end of the job, do the painters vaccuum up and make sure the space is left clean?

Our crews tidy up at the end of each day. There are circumstances when it makes sense that a room be left in a “setup” state to avoid moving and re-covering everything the next day. Our Project Manager will discuss that with you. All our crews carry vacuums and your home will be cleaned up as best as reasonably possible.

What happens if we discover unforseen problems while painting outside like wood rot or water damage that might require carpentry repair?

No problem, we can generally deal with all minor carpentry repairs, should they arise.

What do you do with the leftover paints and general garbage created on my job?

Any leftover paints are left for the Owner for touchups. We also catalogue all the paints we used on your job if you need to know a colour later. All garbage is bagged and taken off site. Over time, we do accumulate paints at our warehouse. These paints are picked up by a company that recycles them and markets the recycled product to countries where good quality, low cost paint is in high demand.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cheque, cash, Interac email funds transfer, sorry, no credit cards.

What brand of paints do you use?

Only the best and that’s Benjamin Moore. But if you have a favourite, just mention it to the estimator and we’ll account for that in the quotation.

Where do you work?

In general, we work in the GTA.