Whether you call in or email us, expect to be contacted promptly.


Your job will be expertly assessed, usually on site. We will provide you with a hand-written quote at the end of the assessment. No, we don’t take it away and get back to you. In unusual circumstances and if for some reason we do have to get back to you, we will do this within a few hours. Prior to starting your job, we will coordinate our visit ahead of time. If a change occurs, you will know well in advance so we don’t disrupt your life.


A crew of the finest painters in the city will work on your home. As added peace of mind, a Project Manager will be assigned to your job and will be in constant communication to ensure all is going according to plan. The Project Manager will also make site visits to ensure quality control.


– It sounds simple and others try to promise it…but only we deliver on that promise.

Project managers

No one in the industry offers this


We are able to provide second to none customer service because of our FIVE long standing Project Managers who service all of our on-going projects. You can reach them 24-7 if the need arises.

Our key Promises

We aim to make the painting process as painless as possible.


  • We do not disappear for a few days to begin other jobs.
  • Our jobs are clean and organized.
  • We have NOT ONCE missed a job completion deadline, ever, regardless of the complexity of the job.
  • We provide only the highest quality in materials and workmanship for your painting, wallpapering and home improvement requirements. To back that up, you receive an industry leading 3-year guarantee on all the work we do with the exception of some conditions on exterior painting projects. Remember, a guarantee is worthless unless the company has been in operation for many years and cares about its customer satisfaction record.
  • You are protected with our $2,000,000 property liability insurance coverage and full Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage.

Friendly for the Environment

We use low or zero VOC paints of the finest quality – from Benjamin Moore


So what do we do with the leftover paint? Well, touch up paint is always a good thing to hold on to so we’ll leave that with you. But you don’t want it? Well then, we’ll take it away. We work with a company that picks the paint up from our warehouse, recycles it and markets the recycled product to countries where good quality, low-cost paint is in high demand.